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Nanjing Tengda Machinery Equipment Co., LTD. is an enterprise specialized in the technical development of polymer compounding and modification equipment, mainly the co-rotating twin-screw extruder, and the related technology and engineering, and the R&D and manufacturing of ancillary equipment. For the R&D of Zhuoyuan twin-screw extruder, in 2013, the company signed a bilateral cooperation ...
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Rich set of production line
Nanjing Tenda mechanical work closely with our customers over the years , combined with its experience...

Confidence & Experience
Over the past decade , Tenda in the following industries can be set according to user requirements multiplexer feeding, multi-port exhaust , and to determine the different aspect ratios according to the material process requirements.Screw combination leading technology for...
Technology & Innovation
Twin-screw line is designed to improve the results
Tenda has developed two series of twin-screw extruder,to meet your demand.
Tenda advanced technology
Tenda company has to meet your needs and improve your technique results .
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Emergency service
Nanjing Tenda company twin-screw production line to provide support and services. Can help our customers to provide short-term and long-term diagnosis...